Repel Wound Dressing (Composite)

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Repel Wound Dressing (Composite)

Why it works:
  • Center layer absorbs exudate, reducing number of dressing changes
  • Top layer allows gaseous exchange
  • Absorptive qualities virtually eliminate maceration
  • Can be used on infected wounds
  • Dressing is non-adherent to tissue, reducing trauma during dressing changes
  • Protects wound from urine and feces

  • Can be left on while showering
  • Can be wiped off when soiled


Cleanse wound with MPM Wound and Skin Cleanser. Partially peel the dressing backing. Apply the exposed pad to the wound. Complete removal of the backing and smooth dressing into place. Dressing can be left in place while showering. Cleanse and re-apply as directed.



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