DryMax Extra

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MPM's newest Super Absorbent, now with softer feel and more absorption!

Fluid Management for Exuding Wounds

Wet wounds have always been a real problem for patients and nurses. Traditional dressings and foam dressings may cause maceration and leakage when used on wet wounds.

MPM DryMax Extra is a thin, sterile, superabsorbent single-use dressing, indicated for use on exuding wounds such as different chronic wounds, legs ulcers, pressure ulcers and diabetic foot ulcers.

MPM DryMax Extra absorbs wound fluid and retains it in the superabsorbent core. The vertical absorption and retention capacity prevents maceration on the wound edges. Bacteria from the wound exudate are absorbed into the core of the product.

MPM DryMax Extra can be used under compression and due to its absorption and retention capacity, it reduces the number of dressing changes compared to traditional products. This reduces treatment costs and improves the quality of the life for the patients.



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